SteriWhite Air Q115 – Room Air Disinfection System

The SteriWhite Air Q115 disinfection system decontaminates ambient air to eliminate bacteria, viruses (including influenza and SARS-Cov-2), and mold spores.  Manufactured in Germany by UV technology leader Dr. Honle AG, this air disinfection system utilizes ultraviolet irradiation (UV-C) to deactivate airborne cells by destroying genetic information required for cell reproduction. The effectiveness of the SteriWhite Air Q115 system was tested and confirmed by the accredited laboratory at Goethe University Frankfurt, Institute of Medical Virology.  Test results indicated that  novel coronaviruses were reliably eliminated in seconds, posting an inactivation rate of 99.99% (log4)*.  This system is Ideal for meeting rooms, offices, restaurants, treatment rooms, spas, gyms, medical facilities, small stores, laboratories, school rooms, waiting rooms and other gathering areas.

Noise level

The maximum recommended noise level for executing tasks requiring a high degree of concentration is 40 dba.  The SteriWhite Air Q115 pulls in room air using a very quiet fan, which operates at less than 39 dba and will filter 115 cubic meters (4061 cubic feet) of air per hour.  The efficiency and quiet operation of this unit allows it to be used in nearly every indoor setting, including libraries!

Disinfection area

One SteriWhite Air unit is capable of disinfecting a room containing 70 cubic meters of air, (approximately 2472 cubic feet).  As an example, one SteriWhite Air Q115 is able to disinfect the air in a room which is 20 feet long  by 12 feet wide with a 10 foot ceiling.  Additional units may be added to disinfect rooms containing higher volumes of air.


The SteriWhite Air Q115 is simple to operate with low operating and maintenance costs.  It plugs into a standard 110v electrical outlet and is immediately ready to use.  The SteriWhite unit is 2 feet high x 2 feet wide x 4 inches in depth (600 x 600 x 100 mm). This unit is available with a foot mount for free-standing on floors, or with a wall-mount bracket for permanent installation.  

Sterilization occurs when room air passes through the unit and is irradiated by two low pressure bulbs producing 254nm UV-C wavelength.  The UV-C light energy is contained within the shielded steel housing of the SteriWhite Air unit.  The 254nm wavelength is a widely recognized disinfectant for air and it does not produce ozone.

Average bulb life is approximately 16,000 hours (typically correlates to 2-4 years of operating time). A warning light will illuminate when bulb replacement is required.  Bulbs are easy to replace.


  • Safe and effective air disinfection: 99.99% virus inactivation rate
  • Compact size and quiet operation, <39 dba
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • No chemicals or clogged filters to replace


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Corona air disinfection system

The SteriWhite Air Q115 disinfection system decontaminates ambient air in offices, at home or in public places  

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* Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, Institute for Medical Virology:  Confirmation of test series with special Hönle UV devices.

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