Medical Device Bonding/Coating

Medical device adhesives and sealants provide the bond strength, flexibility, and speed of cure that is demanded in medical device production. These adhesives are formulated to meet USP Class VI and ISO 10993 biocompatibility standards, and are compatible with gamma, EtO, and peroxide plasma sterilization processes.

A stainless steel needle is bonded to a glass syringe. The adhesive is cured with two LEDs.

Light curable medical device adhesives from Panacol-USA possess the reliability demanded by this market. Formulated to meet the most stringent standards of USP Class VI and ISO 10993 biocompatibility, Panacol-USA medical device assembly adhesives deliver consistent high performance. These single component formulations are solvent-free, and fully cure (harden) in seconds when exposed to Ultraviolet (UV) or UV/Visible light energy. They are compatible with gamma, EtO, peroxide plasma, and E-Beam sterilization processes.

Medical device assembly can involve an incredibly broad array of applications. For this reason, Panacol-USA offers an adhesive selection with a wide range of performance parameters and cured properties. Custom adhesive development is always an option with Panacol-USA in order to satisfy unique performance requirements and component configurations.

Panacol-USA medical device assembly adhesives bond with materials traditionally used by device manufacturers, as well as many of the most recent introductions from polymer manufacturers. These include various grades of polycarbonate, acrylic, polyurethane, ABS, PVC, polyethylene, polyimide, stainless steel, and glass. They can be used in applications relating to reservoirs, transducers, blood collection and drug delivery systems, surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment, breathing circuits, ophthalmic devices, and catheters.

As part of the medical device adhesive selection, Panacol-USA offers its LEDcure adhesives. LEDcure adhesives fully cure under low intensity visible light in fractions of a second. They are ideal for use with LED light curing equipment. The adhesive surfaces cure dry and tack-free, including those which possess the greatest elongation and flexibility.

View the medical device assembly adhesives listed below for a possible candidate for your application. Please contact Panacol-USA to confirm your product selection and to secure additional application assistance, including samples and process recommendations. In the event that these standard products do not satisfactorily address your performance requirements, Panacol-USA will investigate other solutions that include development of adhesive specifically tailored to the complexity of your application.

Product NumberSuitable ApplicationsViscosity cP mPaShore Durometer24 Hour Water AbsorbtionLEDcureBondable SubstratesComments/FeaturesRequest
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40142catheter assembly8000-15,000D75-85< 1.0%nostainless steel, nitinol, PU, PCUV/Visible cure, clear, hardRequest sample button TDS button
4731bonding plastics with multiple dissimilar materials900–1500D35-50< 1.0%yesmost plastics, ceramic, glass, stainless steelUV/Visible cure, clear, tack-free surface, suitable for medical device assemblyRequest sample button TDS button
5140bonding/laminating flexible materials and those with differing CTE values250-500A45-65< 1.0%yeswide range of plastics, ceramic, glass,stainless steelUV/Visible cure, extremely soft, highly flexible, tack-free surface, clear, suitable for medical device assemblyRequest sample button TDS button
6108glass assembly600-900D75-85< 1.0%yesglass, ceramic, metals, some plasticsUV/Visible cure, low intensity curable, clear, RI@ 25°C=1.511%Request sample button TDS button
6108-Tcatheter assembly4000-6000D75-85< 1.0%yesstainless steel, glass, some plasticsUV/Visible cure, secondary thermal cure, clear, hard, withstands autoclavingRequest sample button TDS button
6162reservoir assembly 400-800D25-35< 1.0%yesstainless steel, ceramic, PUUV/Visible cure, soft, flexible, high elongationRequest sample button TDS button
7041needle/syringe assembly50-150D70-80< 3.0%yesstainless steel, polycarbonate, PVC, treated polypropylene/HDPEUV/Visible cure, low intensity curable, clear, moisture resistant, generates highest tensile strength with LED curing equipment, tack-freeRequest sample button TDS button
7090-V-HSbonding/potting rigid plastics10-150D80-90< 1.0%yesPC, PVC, polyester, other rigid plasticsUV/Visible cure, secondary thermal cure, low intensity curable, wicking grade viscosity, withstands autoclaving, very hard, clear, suitable for medical device assemblyRequest sample button TDS button
7173-Vbonding PVC and polyethylene components200-300D70-79< 4.0%yesPVC, PC, other plasticsUV/Visible cure, best for highly plasticized PVC, tack-free surface, suitable for medical device assemblyRequest sample button TDS button
7551bonding rigid plastics1300-2000D80-90< 1.0%yesPC, PVC, styrene, some metalsUV/Visible cure, low intensity curable, clear and very hard, highly resistant to yellowing and moistureRequest sample button TDS button
7551-VFbonding rigid plastics1300-2000D80-90< 1.0%yesPC, PVC, other plasticsUV/Visible cure, low intensity curable, tack-free surface, fluorescing, suitable for medical device assemblyRequest sample button TDS button
77041-Thigh strength bonds between many plastics and dissimilar materials, medical devices2000 - 400070-802 hr boiling water 3%Yespolycarbonate, ABS, PVC, PMMA, PET, Glass, Stainless Steelsolvent-free, single component adhesive, clear, hard, and highly resistant to moisture, UV & UV LED cures extremely quicklyRequest sample button TDS button
7989-Vreservoir assembly/plastics bonding3000-5000D45-55< 5.0%yesPC, ABS, PVC, polyesterUV/Visible cure, clear, moisture resistant, flexible, tack-free, suitable for medical device assemblyRequest sample button TDS button
8400bonding/laminating of flexible plastics100-200D40-50< 2.0%noPE, Mylar, PVC, PC, polyester, other plastics, and stainlessUV cure, very flexible, clear, excellent for strain relief and lamination, high peel strength, UV/Visible cure version available, suitable for medical device assemblyRequest sample button TDS button
Structalit 701bonding metals, plastics3,000 - 5,00080 - 90< 0.5%n/awide range of materials including metals (alumina, steel and stainless steel) and many plasticstwo part, thermal curing epoxy adhesiveRequest sample button TDS button
Vitralit 1655encapsulating200-400A70-80< 0.35%noFR4 epoxy board, glass, metal, plasticUV cationic curable epoxy, clear and flexible , resistant to thermal shock, excellent for substrates with mismatched CTE, low viscosity, can be used as an underfillRequest sample button TDS button

*Note: viscosity variations are typically available, or can be formulated, for all listed products. Please inquire with Panacol-USA Applications Engineering for viscosity ranges not shown in the table.
**Note: modifications can be made to most products in order to meet unique performance requirements. Adding fluorescing properties, color, and secondary curing mechanisms are typical examples of minor modifications. Please contact Panacol-USA Applications Engineering to discuss your specific requirements.

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