Advantages of Partnering with Panacol

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What you gain in partnering with Panacol…

Panacol’s approach to formulating products and satisfying customer requirements is derived from a passion to provide the best solution in the least amount of time, deliver measurable process efficiency, and increase customer competitiveness in the market. While our standard products and systems answer many of the challenges in today’s manufacturing processes, they cannot possibly provide all the answers. As a result, Panacol welcomes the opportunity to develop custom formulations that specifically address the complexity of your application.

Panacol R&D creativity can be found in all of our product families:

  • LEDcure acrylates -adhesives specifically formulated for low intensity light curing with LED light sources
  • Light curable acrylates with silicone-like flexibility and tack-free surfaces
  • Environmentally resistant, light curable glass bonders with unmatched shear strength

Contact Panacol today to discuss your application and adhesive performance “wish list”!