Light Curable Adhesives, Sealants & Masks

Panacol-USA is a research and manufacturing company concentrating on applying the technology of Light-Curable Chemistry. Applications for our products include adhesives, coatings, sealants, masks and encapsulants.

200 watt, Lamp/Reflector Assembly for UV curing systems.

The FXR38465 lamp assembly from Panacol-USA is ideally suited for photo-reactive adhesives and coatings that require exposure to high intensity long-wave UV or Visible light energy for curing. As illustrated in the spectral output graph below, this metal-halide lamp produces concentrations of energy in the longer wavelength UV and visible light regions of the electromagnetic spectrum:Spectral Distribution Chart for UV replacement bulb lamp
All mercury/metal halide lamps will degrade over time from operation. Intensity and lamp life are heavily influenced by the operating environment and the operational procedures that are employed by the user. Consistent cooling of the lamp prevents overheating and premature lamp failure. Ensure that your cooling fan is operating properly and has a clear path for exhaust. A filter pad is provided with each FXR38465 lamp assembly that can be used to replace the existing cooling fan filter at the time of each lamp change. The voltage surge during power-up erodes the distal points of the anode and cathode. Minimizing the number of power-up cycles will reduce the erosion rate and help to extend lamp life and intensity. By employing proper maintenance and operational practices to maximize lamp life, 50% of the original lamp intensity can be retained after 1500 – 2000 hours of operation.

Replacement UV Bulb Lamp Ballast Information Table

FXR38465 replacement UV curing lamp bulb drawing

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