LED Power Pen 2.0

The LED Power Pen 2.0 from Honle is a high intensity, hand-held UV curing device that is ideally suited for curing UV adhesives in manual or automated production. Weighing only 130 grams, the LED Power Pen produces 10,000 mW/cm2 of UV intensity at 365nm wavelength at a distance of 12mm. The Power Pen can be activated in three ways: a manual push-button switch on the unit, foot switch, or through a potential-free PLC input.

The Honle LED Power Pen 2.0 is a very versatile, hand held UV curing device. It can be operated manually at a work station or laboratory bench. Or, it can be integrated into an automated assembly line and controlled through an external PLC. Generating 10,000 mW/cm² of UV intensity at 365nm wavelength or 16,000 mW/cm² intensity at 405nm wavelength, the Honle LED Power Pen is capable of curing UV adhesives and potting materials in very short cycle times.

The Power Pen delivers efficiency through low power consumption and minimal heat generation. An internal power control and temperature switch prevent LED overheating. The Honle Power Pen offers 10 minute continuous operation without additional cooling . An optional external control provides output signal for process monitoring. Life expectancy for the LED is 20,000 hours or more.

The Power Pen 2.0 from Honle is suitable for many applications in automotive, medical device assembly, PCB packaging, optical alignment, and glass fabrication. It can also be used as a device for fluorescent excitation of genomic materials for testing and image processing. Whether for R&D or production, the Power Pen is an excellent UV curing device.

BROCHURE: LED Power Pen 2.0
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