Light Curable Adhesives, Sealants & Masks

Panacol-USA is a research and manufacturing company concentrating on applying the technology of Light-Curable Chemistry. Applications for our products include adhesives, coatings, sealants, masks and encapsulants.

The LED Spot 40 IC was developed for all applications requiring a compact flood unit with high intensities. The LED assembly, as well as an electronic power control, guarantee a highly intensive and homogenous distribution of light.
The recognition of LED-malfunction and a comprehensive monitoring function provide very high process stability. So, especially in fully automated production lines, repeatable results can be realised even in the shortest cycle times.
The typical service life of a LED is more than 20.000 hours***. The LED Spot 40 IC can be switched on and off as often as necessary. It does not require a warm-up or cooling phase.
The LED Spot 40 IC is available in the wavelengths 365/385/395/405/ 460 nm +/- 10 nm. This allows to adapt the spectra of the LED Spot to the existing application.
The square light-emitting aperture has a size of about
40 mm x 40 mm at a base of only 55 mm x 50 mm. This compact design allows the integration of this small-sized LED flood unit in even the smallest spaces.
The LED Spot 40 IC was especially designed for applications where the emitted light of a LED point source is just not enough but a standard flood unit would be oversized. For such small areas, the LED Spot 40 IC is the best choice because here it guarantees highest possible intensities.
An integrated fan provides adequate cooling for continuous operation. Thanks to an optimized air flow there are no negative impacts on the process.
The power supply and control of the LED Spot 40 IC can be done either by the optionally available LED power drive IC or by an external power supply and PLC signals.

Special features

  • Integrated controller (IC)
  • Driving and monitoring of the LED segment
  • Monitoring of the LED segments regarding short-circuit, interruption and excess temperature
  • Recording of the operating hours
  • Analogue dimming of the segments via a 0-10 V-signal
  • Digital PLC interface (LED enable, LED on, LED error)
  • Bus control of all modules via RS485 or optional
  • Applications

    The LED Spot 40 IC is appropriate for various applications, such as:

    • Bonding, fixing or encapsulating of components in the electronic, optical or medical-technical sector.
    • Fluorescence stimulation for materials testing; also suitable for automatic image processing.
    • High-intensive UV irradiation in the chemical, biological and pharmaceutical sector.

    BROCHURE: LED Spot 40 IC Powerdrive
    (application/pdf 0.5 MiB)

    Technical Data

    Light-emitting aperture in mm: about 40 x 40
    Dimensions in mm: Lx W x D 198 x 50 x 55
    Wavelengths in nm
    365 385 395 405 460
    typical intensity in mW/cm2
    LED Spot 40 IC
    3.000* 7.000* 7.000* 7.000* 10.000**
    Cooling Air cooled

    * measured with Honle UV meter and LED surface sensor, distance 0 mm
    ** measured with Honle UV meter and VIS surface sensor, distance 0 mm
    *** typical lifetime under specified operating conditions