High Strength (Structural)

The Structalit® products are one and two-component multi-purpose adhesives that provide maximum bond strength and protection. A variety of Structalit adhesives are available for applications that include metal-to-metal bonding, ferrite bonding, temperature resistant plastic bonding, and component encapsulation..


Maximum Strength Multi-Purpose Adhesives

Structalit® multi-purpose single and two-component adhesives develop high strength bonds with many substrates that include metals, ceramic, glass, and FR4 epoxy board. They offer high resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and elevated temperatures. Structalit adhesives harden quickly after mixing or placing them in a curing oven.

Unique Structalit formulations are available to PCB and Smart Card assembly. Black or grey in color, these single component adhesives can be used as glob tops or encapsulants. They will cure in minutes when thermally cured in an oven. These adhesives can also be used as potting materials for various electronic components.

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Product NumberSuitable ApplicationsViscosity cP mPaShore Durometer24 Hour Water AbsorbtionColorBondable SubstratesComments/FeaturesRequest
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Structalit 5800encapsulant/bonding7000-15,000D75-80< 0.5%transparent/slight yellow tintglass,plastics,metal2 component, 1:1 mix ratio, room temperature or 5 minute thermal cure ,low shrink, chemical resistRequest sample button TDS button
Structalit 5820bonding materials of similar CTE20,000-25,000D85-95< 0.3%clearmetals, glass, plasticone component, 15 minute thermal cure, unfilledRequest sample button TDS button
Structalit 5830magnet (ferrite) bonding, metal bonding28,000-38,000D65-75< 0.5%amberferrite, metalsone component, 15 minute thermal cure, elastomer modified for high impact resistance, excellent peel strengthRequest sample button TDS button
Structalit 701bonding metals, plastics3,000 - 5,00080 - 90< 0.5%transparent, amberwide range of materials including metals (alumina, steel and stainless steel) and many plasticstwo part, thermal curing epoxy adhesiveRequest sample button TDS button
Structalit 8801 potting/encapsulating30,000-45,000D80-90< 0.2%greyFR4 epoxy board, glass, metal, ceramic, plasticsone component epoxy, thermal cure, chemical resistant, limited flow, max operating temperature up to 200°C, Max Temp up to 200°CRequest sample button TDS button
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