Potting Materials

Panacol-USA’s potting materials are formulated to protect electronic and electrical components from thermal shock, vibration, moisture, and other environmental elements. To accommodate the broad range of potting applications, Panacol-USA offers UV and visible light curable products, two component compounds, and thermal curing materials. The potting materials can be optically clear, or completely opaque to mask the surface below.

Processing time for shallow potting of electronic and electrical components can be significantly reduced by incorporating light curable potting materials from Panacol-USA. The selection of UV/visible light curable products cure in seconds upon exposure to broad spectrum UV light (320-460nm) or monochromatic LED systems. These potting materials are formulated to protect components and connectors from thermal shock, vibration, moisture, and other environmental elements.

Panacol-USA’s light curable potting materials are single component and solvent-free, and are easily dispensed from automated valve dispensing systems. A wide range of viscosities are available to meet component configuration and processing challenges. When cured, these materials exhibit dry, tack-free surfaces that resist contamination from airborne particulates and handling.

As their exclusive distributor for the Americas, Panacol-USA also offers Structalit® potting materials from Panacol. Panacol-Elosol GmbH is a member of the Honle Group headquartered in Germany, and has been formulating and manufacturing adhesives for over 30 years. Structalit® products are single and dual component epoxies, with exceptional performance properties. Single and two component formulations are available to accommodate customer-specific assembly processes.

View the potting products listed below for a possible candidate for your application. Please contact Panacol-USA to confirm your product selection and to secure additional application assistance, including samples and process recommendations.