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Panacol-USA, Inc.

UV and Light Curable Adhesives, Epoxies, Conductive Adhesives and Masks

Panacol-USA is the US based affiliate of Panacol-Elosol in Germany. Formerly known as Tangent Industries, Panacol-USA has been specializing in the development and production of UV and visible light curable acrylic adhesives and coatings since 1994. Adhesives produced by Panacol-USA are being sold worldwide through the global support network established by Panacol-Elosol and their distributors. With a focus on developing materials for electronics assembly, Panacol-Elosol significantly broadens product selection with high performance epoxies and conductive adhesives.

Both Panacol-USA and Panacol-Elosol belong to the Honle Group of companies. As a member of the Honle Group, Panacol-USA is the America’s direct representative for Honle UV and LED curing equipment. A wide array of Honle UV and LED equipment is maintained in stock at Panacol-USA.

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Product News: Adhesives

Two new dual-curing UV acrylic adhesives with high Tg


Panacol introduces  new dual-curing acrylic adhesive systems Vitralit® UD 8055 and Vitralit® UD 8056. These adhesives principally cure with UV light but also possess a secondary moisture post-cure mechanism. A special characteristic of these two adhesive systems is their high glass transition range of over 100°C, which helps to preserve high-strength bonds through thermal cycling stress.

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Product News: Adhesives

Fast-curing SMD adhesive for precise dispensing


Structalit® 5604 is an extremely fast-curing adhesive which is specifically developed for bonding SMDs to printed circuit boards. The red adhesive is based on epoxy resin and is, despite its high viscosity, suitable for jet application.

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Product News: Equipment

Honle LED Spot 40

High intensities for smaller areas

The LED Spot 40 IC is designed for curing applications that are too large for a typical LED spot system, but not large enough to require a full-size LED flood system. The Spot 40 IC optimizes size and power for all these “in-between” curing applications. 

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