Structural Assembly 

Assembly of large framed panels, display cabinets, and other structural fixtures need adhesives that produce extremely high bond strength. Light curable adhesives may not always be the appropriate selection, as structural bonding applications often involve opaque components that light cannot penetrate. For this reason, epoxies and methacrylate adhesives are typically selected for this often times weighty assembly process.

Panacol-USA offers two brand lines of structural and metal adhesive: Structalit® epoxies and Penloc® methacrylate adhesives. 

Structalit® adhesives are single and dual component epoxy resin-based products with superior strength, thermal stability, and chemical resistance. Single component products are thermal cure. Dual component epoxies offer room temperature, or thermal cure.

Penloc® adhesives are two-component, acrylic-based structural adhesives. The typical mix ratio for these products is 1:1, which means simple, less costly dispensing tools and systems may be used. The products can be mixed by a static mixing tip when dispensing, or dispensed unmixed to apply as a bead-on-bead.

Both Structalit® and Penloc® adhesives are suitable for bonding a wide range of materials including metal, glass, ceramics, wood and many opaque or clear plastics. Fast fixture times and room temperature curing facilitates efficient assembly processes. The Penloc® GT series includes a colorless adhesive that is ideally suited for glass and clear acrylic panel assembly. 

Penloc® GTH-C is a green two-component adhesive used for structural assembly of metal tracks

Other applications include:

  • Outdoor signage
  • Window frames
  • Electric motor magnets
  • Cosmetics packaging

View the structural adhesive products listed below for a possible candidate for your application. 

Structural Adhesives: Application Viscosity [mPas] Base Curing* Properties
Structalit® 5800 encapsulation of electronic components
potting material
encapsulation of plastic parts
plastic bonding
automotive, aerospace
7,000-15,000 2-part epoxy thermal, room temperature High temperature resistance
short pot life
fast application
Structalit® 5810-1 encapsulation of electronic components and plastic parts
potting material
plastic and glass bonding
automotive, aerospace
3,000-4,000 2-part epoxy thermal
room temperature
Very high adhesion to PC
resistant to moisture and chemicals
Structalit® 5820 potting material 20,000-25,000 epoxy thermal transparent
high adhesion to metals
Structalit® 5830 SMD assembly
potting material
automotive, aerospace
28,000-38,000 epoxy thermal Yellow color
adheres well to metal
impact resistant
high peel strength
Structalit® 8801 attaching components on PCBs
encapsulation of electronic components
SMD assembly
encapsulation of plastic parts
potting material
automotive, aerospace
30,000-45,000 epoxy thermal Resistant to oils, grease and fuels
excellent flow properties
beige color
certified to ISO 10993-5 standards
Structalit® 5894 glob top encapsulation
encapsulation of electronic components
SMD assembly
automotive, aerospace
potting material
45,000-55,000 epoxy thermal Black color
excellent flow properties
filling material for frame and fill applications on PCBs,
very high resistance to heat and chemicals
Structalit® 5893 glob top encapsulation
SMD assembly
medical technology
needle bonding
6,000-10,000 epoxy thermal Black color
excellent flow properties
filling material for frame&fill applications
high resistance to heat and chemicals
certified to ISO 10993-5 standards
Penloc® GTI plastic bonding
potting material
automotive, aerospace
joining hinges
5,000 2-part-acrylate room temperature Fast curing
Penloc® GTN Plastic bonding
Potting Material
Automotive, Aerospace
Bonding of luxury packaging
Joining hinges
15,000-30,000 2-part-acrylate room temperature resistant to high temperatures
high flash point
low odour
Penloc® GTI-C glass bonding
potting material
5,000-6,000 2-part-acrylate room temperature Translucent
Penloc® GTR-VT plastic bonding
potting material
automotive, aerospace
20,000-30,000 2-part-acrylate room temperature Shape retaining
green color
overhead application possible
Penloc® GTH-T plastic bonding
potting material
automotive, aerospace
metal bonding
joining hinges
8,000-10,000 2-part-acrylate room temperature Very high adhesion to metal
temperature resistant
Structalit® 3060 N structural bonding
die attach
4,000-8,000 epoxy thermal non-conductive
high flexibility
fast curing
very low ion content

*UV = 320 - 390 nm          VIS = 405 nm

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