Structural Adhesives

Panacol-USA offers cutting-edge structural adhesives with superior bond strength. 

Structural adhesives of the Structalit® line are multi-purpose single and two-component adhesives which develop high strength bonds with many substrates that include metals, ceramic, glass, and FR4 epoxy board. They offer high resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and elevated temperatures. Structalit® adhesives harden quickly after mixing or placing them in a curing oven.

Unique Structalit® formulations are available to PCB and Smart Card assembly. Black or grey in color, these single component adhesives can be used as glob tops or encapsulants. They will cure in minutes when thermally cured in an oven. These adhesives can also be used as potting materials for various electronic components.

Methacrylic two-component structural adhesive are available under the Penloc® brand. These adhesives are the ideal solution for all hard, non-porous materials. Easy to apply from twin cartridges, they cure quickly at room temperature.

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Being highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion, a single-component structural adhesive is used as a potting compound for sensors 

Electronics and PCB Assembly

Innovative adhesive solutions for PCB and FPCB assembly and electronics applications.

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Encapsulation and Glob Tops

Encapsulation and glob top materials from Panacol-USA are the perfect solution to protect components on PCBs and Flex PCBs.

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Potting compounds from Panacol-USA are perfect to seal capacitors, switches or sensors.

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Methacrylic Adhesive

Methacrylate adhesives from Panacol-USA perfect for bonding metal, glass, ceramics, wood and many plastics.

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