About Panacol-USA

Panacol-USA Inc. is a research and manufacturing company with an expertise in developing Light-Curable UV Adhesives, Acrylates and Epoxies that can be used as adhesives, coatings, sealants, gaskets, and masks. Our innovative technologies promote higher productivity that is demanded in today’s global manufacturing processes. Applications for these products are infinite, and can be found in many industries including medical, electronics, automotive, metal finishing, and packaging. Incorporating these technologies can invigorate old processes with improved efficiencies, as well as provide assembly solutions for newly designed product introductions.

Panacol-USA’s approach to formulating products and satisfying customer requirements is derived from a passion to provide the best solution in the least amount of time, deliver measurable process efficiency, and increase customers’ competitiveness. While our standard products and systems answer many of the challenges in today’s manufacturing processes, they cannot possibly provide all the answers. As a result, Panacol-USA welcomes the opportunity to develop custom formulations that specifically address the complexity of your application.

For well over a decade, Panacol-USA and Panacol-Elosol have partnered in an exclusive sales and distribution agreement for the Americas. This relationship allows Panacol-USA to provide manufacturers with innovative assembly solutions derived from an extremely broad range adhesive chemistries. Panacol-USA’s line of cutting edge, light curable acrylate adhesives is augmented with Panacol’s high tech epoxies, high temperature cements, and structural bonding methacrylates. Manufacturers partnering with Panacol-USA receive the best adhesive bonding solutions, as they are derived from an extensive range of adhesive chemistries and curing options. Going forward, Panacol-USA and Panacol-Elosol will continue to work together, and utilize their respective product development expertise to invent new adhesive and coating technology for the industrial market.

As an exclusive sales partner for Panacol-Elosol GmbH, Panacol-USA is supported by the entire network of Honle Group companies. All Honle Group products relating to adhesives and UV curing equipment for the North and South American markets are technically supported and sold by Panacol-USA. Panacol-USA’s technical staff receives ongoing training for all Honle Group products, including new technology introductions, to maintain the highest level of product and application expertise.

In a reciprocal agreement, Panacol-USA supports all of its customers and applications situated outside of North and South America through the worldwide network of Honle Group companies. Each Honle Group member receives comprehensive product training and application support directly from Panacol-USA, as well as its adhesive partner Panacol-Elosol. Allied under The Honle Group umbrella, Panacol-USA and Panacol-Elosol work jointly to develop and promote the world’s most innovative adhesive technology for industrial assembly.

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Panacol-USA Inc. in Torrington, Connecticut