UVA Hand 250 is a high intensity hand-held UV lamp, used for curing of UV-reactive coatings, adhesives and compounds as well as for fluorescent purposes. It is easy to transport,  ergonomically designed and ideal for mobile use. Its intensive radiation ensure reliable production results within seconds. A homogeneous intensity distribution is ensured by its optimized reflector surface.

  • Hand-held unit in modular design for mobile and stationary use
  • GS mark – approved safety label
  • Operable with 110 V Power Supply
  • Max Intensity 250 mW/cm2 UVA
  • Uniform intensity distribution
  • Different emission spectra by means of lamp-/filter-combinations
  • Hours counter integrated in the ballast box
  • Robust lamp housing
  • New U-shaped space bars provide improved temperature management


  • Rigid case with fitting foam inlay
  • Black light filter for fluorescent purposes

Hand held uv curing device UVA Hand 250 from Honle


Brochure UVA Hand 250

Technical Data
Lamp power 250 W
Intensity 250 mW/cm2 UVA
Dimension of output window 150 x 85 mm
Weight lamp unit 1.9 kg
Weight ballast box 4.0 kg