UVA Hand 250 is a high intensity hand-held UV lamp, used for curing of UV-reactive coatings, adhesives and compounds as well as for illuminating fluorescent materials for inspection purposes. It is easy to transport, ergonomically designed and ideal for mobile use. A homogeneous intensity distribution is ensured by its optimized reflector surface.

  • Hand-held unit in modular design for mobile and stationary use
  • GS mark – approved safety label
  • Operable with 110 V Power Supply
  • Max Intensity 250 mW/cm2 UVA
  • Uniform intensity distribution
  • Different emission spectra by means of lamp-/filter-combinations
  • Hours counter integrated in the ballast box
  • Robust lamp housing
  • New U-shaped space bars provide improved temperature management


  • Rigid case with fitting foam inlay
  • Black light filter for fluorescent purposes
  • Cooling tray for holding lamp while switched on

Hand held uv curing device UVA Hand 250 from Honle


Brochure UVA Hand 250

Technical Data
Lamp power 250 W
Intensity 250 mW/cm2 UVA
Dimension of output window 150 x 85 mm
Weight lamp unit 1.9 kg
Weight ballast box 4.0 kg