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Torrington CT / January 10, 2024


Panacol-USA exhibits at ATX Automation Technology Expo West, February 6-8, 2024

Panacol-USA, a member of the global Hönle Group, will be exhibiting at ATX West 2024, booth #4552, in Anaheim, California, from February 6-8, 2024.   Panacol-USA will be displaying the most recent LED adhesive curing systems manufactured by Dr. Hönle AG, Germany. These systems include the Bluepoint LED ECO, which is a spot curing unit that can power up to four LED heads from a single controller.  Wide area curing can be accomplished using Hönle’s Spot 100 and 200 HP IC systems. Multiple heads can be banded together to form homogeneous curing areas of any size. For high-speed, in-line production, LED Powerline AC/IC 820 linear arrays are available with intensities greater than 16,000 mW/cm2.  Also available are UV/LED curing chambers and conveyors that are ideally suited for production, prototyping, and laboratory development projects.

As a member of the Hönle Group since 2001, Panacol-USA has long-served the America’s as a direct representative for Hönle UV and LED curing equipment. A large inventory of standard equipment and accessories is maintained at Panacol-USA’s facility in Connecticut. Technical assistance is provided by knowledgeable and experienced personnel who have helped numerous customers design and optimize complete UV bonding and coating processes. Panacol-USA maintains a rental pool of equipment to facilitate curing evaluations and adhesive trials at customer facilities.

In addition to UV/LED equipment sales and support, Panacol-USA develops and manufactures high-tech UV/visible light curing adhesives. The light curable adhesives are part of a broader adhesive portfolio that includes UV epoxies, thermal curing epoxies, electrically and thermally conductive materials, and cyanoacrylates.  Products from Panacol-USA are used in a variety of applications and industries, including automotive, electronics, medical device, optics, and glass assembly.  

With a long-standing presence in the medical device market, Panacol-USA adhesives are used for bonding needles, syringes, housings, reservoirs, tube sets, catheters, anesthesia masks, wearable diagnostic devices, and endoscopes. UV/visible light curable adhesives from Panacol-USA are the perfect solution to bond challenging dissimilar substrates including Pebax, Nylon, PEEK, PE, stainless steel, and polypropylene.  When matched with Honle LED systems, Panacol adhesives create the optimal bonding process. Panacol-USA is the ideal one-stop solution for adhesives and UV curing equipment that provide reliability and efficiency for high volume production.


Needle Bonding solution with Panacol Vitralit® UV adhesive and Hönle Powerline UV curing equipment 


Steinbach/Germany, 9 June 2021

German Panacol relocates to newly constructed facility

Vigorous growth has enabled Panacol-Elosol GmbH, Germany-based manufacturer of industrial and specialty adhesives, to build a larger facility for its corporate headquarters. With double the space for offices, laboratories and production, up to 100 employees can now work at the new site. It is located in Steinbach near Frankfurt/Main Germany, close to the company’s former location.

The new building offers Panacol employees a contemporary work environment with more than 6,000 m2 space. The laboratories for research & development, application engineering and quality management are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that increases in-house analytical and testing capabilities. A larger production area with additional new equipment has increased manufacturing capacity and efficiency. The new facilities can be expanded to support further growth in the coming years.

Panacol provides customer-focused assembly solutions based on innovative adhesive technology. This includes products for structural bonding, protective coating and encapsulation, electrical and thermal conduction, gasketing, and temporary masking.  With subsidiaries in France, USA, China and Korea, Panacol provides global product supply and technical support.

Served markets include automotive, aerospace, optics, consumer and industrial electronics, luxury packaging, appliance, and medical device assembly. Customised adhesive solutions are developed and manufactured at the Panacol sites in Steinbach Germany and in the United States. 

Panacol-Elosol GmbH is the parent company of Panacol-USA. It was founded in 1978 as a German subsidiary of the Swiss Panacol AG in Frankfurt. In 2008, Panacol was acquired by Munich-based Dr. Hönle AG, a leading global supplier of industrial UV equipment technology. As a member of the Hönle Group, Panacol is a knowledgeable and reliable provider of adhesives, coatings, and UV/LED curing equipment for OEM and contract manufacturers around the world.

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The new headquarter building of Panacol-Elosol near Frankfurt, Germany


Tangent Industries Inc. to become Panacol-USA Inc.

US adhesives and coatings manufacturer Tangent Industries Inc., based in Torrington, Connecticut and German based adhesives manufacturer Panacol-Elosol GmbH, are both part of the adhesives division within the Honle Group. The head of the Honle Group is the publicly listed company Dr. Hoenle AG. To better support the growth requirements of their global customers, and present a more unified product offering, Tangent Industries Inc. is changing its name to Panacol-USA Inc. effective October 1st, 2018. Moreover, Panacol-Elosol will gradually assume full ownership of the new Panacol-USA within a 5 year span. “With this decision we see synergies such as global marketing and to provide adhesive products under one brand to our worldwide acting customers”, explains Florian Eulenhöfer, Managing Director of Panacol-Elosol GmbH.

Tangent Industries Inc. has been specializing in the development and production of UV curing acrylic adhesives and coatings since 1994. Panacol was the distributor for Tangent products outside the Americas since the very first day. The focus of Panacol-USA Inc. will remain on the development, production, and sales of innovate UV acrylic adhesives and coatings from its facility in Torrington. The organization’s management and team will remain intact.

Panacol-Elosol GmbH and Panacol-USA Inc., both members of the global Hoenle group, are leading suppliers of industrial adhesives, with a broad product range that includes UV curable adhesives and coatings, structural epoxies and conductive materials for electronics assembly. Panacol-USA Inc. is also a reliable provider of UV/LED processing systems in the Americas, designed and manufactured by Dr. Hoenle AG, a global technology leader of industrial UV curing devices and systems.


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