Thermally Conductive Adhesives

The ability of an electronic or electrical component to dissipate heat has a direct impact on its reliability and longevity. Heat dissipation can be improved in many component assembly applications by incorporating thermally conductive adhesives as bonding agents. Thermally conductive adhesives will channel heat from the bonded component to the attached substrate that functions as a heat sink or dissipater. Electrically conductive materials with metallic fillers are excellent at conducting heat due to their metal content. However, this also creates electrical conductivity, which may or may not be desirable. If only thermal conductivity is needed, non-metallic filled products should be utilized.

Thermal adhesives from Panacol-USA are available under the Elecolit® and Vitralit® brands:

  • Elecolit® thermal adhesives are epoxy resin-based single- and two-component adhesives, which are thermally curing and have a high temperature resistance of up to 200°C
  • Vitralit® thermal adhesives are uv curing acrylate-based adhesives

The table below lists a selection of  thermally conductive adhesives from Panacol-USA. Further products and custom solutions are available on request. Please contact Panacol-USA to confirm your product selection and to secure additional application assistance, including samples and process recommendations.

To download the technical datasheets (TDS) please click on the adhesive name.

Thermally conductive adhesive is used for bonding heat sinks on PCBs

Conductive Adhesive Application Viscosity [mPas] Base Curing* Properties
Elecolit® 6601 Heat sink bonding
Sensor bonding
12,000-20,000 (LVT, 25 °C, Sp. 4/6 rpm) epoxy thermal thermally conductive, solvent-free,
white color,
excellent bonding to metals,
very good flow properties
Elecolit® 6603 Magnet bonding
Heat sink bonding
Thermal management
95 000 - 115 000 (LVT, 25 °C, Sp. 4/3 rpm) epoxy thermal thermally conductive
grey color
very good adhesion to metal
excellent flow properties
Elecolit® 6607 Heat Sink Bonding
Thermal Management
Die Attach
50 000 - 65 000 (Rheometer 25°C, 5s^-1) epoxy thermal Thermally conductive, grey color
Excellent metal bonding
Cures at low temperatures
Elecolit® 6616 heat sink bonding 50,000-120,000 (Rheometer, 25 °C, 10s^-1) 2 component epoxy thermal
room temperature
thermally conductive
black color
Vitralit® 6129 various application for electronics and PCB assembly 4,000-7,000 acrylate UV
secondary heat cure
white color
very high resistance to heat and chemicals
very good thermal conductivity

*UV = 320 - 390 nm

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