LED Powerline AC/IC HP

The Honle Powerline AC/IC HP with LED Powerdrive IC is a high intensity, air cooled LED curing system that is ideal for hardening UV and visible light curable adhesives and coatings. Producing intensity up to 16,000 mW/cm², the AC/IC HP contributes to very fast curing cycles.

Two standard sizes are available: 82 mm x 20 mm and 122 mm x 20 mm. These arrays can be stacked to form larger irradiation areas with no intensity gaps. The Powerline AC/IC HP LEDs have a typical service life of more than 20,000 hours, and are available in 365, 385, 395, 405 and 460 nm wavelengths. This variety allows to adjust the wavelength perfectly to any application.

The power supply and programming of the LED Powerline AC/IC can be provided by either by the optionally available LED Powerdrive IC, or by using an external (48 volt) power supply and PLC signals. Up to three Powerline LED heads can be actuated by a single Powerdrive IC.

Special features

  • Compact LED head design permits easy integration into existing processing equipment
  • Ideally suited for mounting in conveyors, indexing tables, or rotary curing equipment
  • Integrated Controller in each LED head
  • Multiple cycle and power programmability
  • Monitoring of LED segments regarding short-circuit, interruption and excess temperature
  • Recording of the operating hours
  • Analogue dimming of the segments via a 0-10 V-signal
  • Digital PLC interface (Emergency-Stop, LED-on, LED-error, temperature monitoring)
  • Bus control of all modules via RS485 or optional LED powerdrive IC


The LED Powerline AC/IC is appropriate for various applications, such as:

  • Bonding, potting, or encapsulating of components and assemblies found in the electronics, optical, or medical device industries.
  • Fluorescence stimulation for materials testing; also suitable for automatic image processing
  • High-intensive UV irradiation in the chemical, biological and pharmaceutical sector

Air-cooled UV large area curing system LED Powerline AC/IC HP with LED Powerdrive IC from Honle


Brochure LED Powerline AC IC  HP & Powerdrive

UV curable adhesives:

UV system solutions with uv curable acrylate and uv epoxy adhesives from Panacol and innovative curing systems from Honle

LED Powerdrive IC for LED Powerline AC/IC HP

The LED Powerdrive IC (Integrated Controller) allows the independent operation of up to 3 LED Powerline AC/IC. Two versions are available:

  • the LED Powerdrive IC 400 can drive one LED Powerline AC/IC HP or alternatively up to three Powerlines AC/IC 410.
  • the LED Powerdrive IC 1200 can drive three LED Powerline AC/IC HP or alternatively up to three Powerlines AC/IC 410.

The adjustment of the irradiation time is freely selectable in the ranges of 0.01 – 99.99 sec. or 0.1 – 999.9 sec or 1 – 9999 sec. Alternatively, continuous operation can be chosen.

The operating status and the temperature of the LED segments as well as the irradiation time can be seen on the display at a glance. The electrical LED power can be adjusted between 2 % and 100 % in 1 %-steps.

The device is recording the LED operating hours and the service menu gives comprehensive information about the current operation status.

In addition the LED powerdrive IC is characterized by the following features:

  • Large and clear display with all relevant information
  • Smart power control
  • Temperature / error control of LED
  • Shortest cycle time (0.01 s when set on display/100 µs in case of external activation)

Special features

  • Monitoring of LED segments regarding short-circuit, interruption and excess temperature
  • auto recognition of connected LED Powerline AC/IC

The LED powerdrive IC has the following interfaces:

  • Analog preselected target value 0.2V – 10V ≙ 2% – 100% • PLC inputs: LED on, LED enable
  • PLC outputs: LED is on, LED is off, LED error, LED warning • Dry relais contact function (see PLC outputs)
  • Foot switch
  • Release safety circuit (= LED enable)

Technical Data  

LED Powerline AC/IC 410 LED Powerline AC/IC 820 HP
Irradiated area / output window in mm: 78 x 10     or   116 x 10 82 x 20   or   122 x 20
Dimensions in mm: 78 x 29 x 150   or   116 x 29 x 150 82 x 45 x 168   or   122 x 45 x 168

Wavelength in nm

Typ. intensity in mW/cm² * 

    365         385         395         405

 2.000       4.000     4.000     4.000

  365         385         395         405

6.000   16.000   16.000   16.000

Cooling Air cooled Air cooled

 * measured with Hönle LED sensors for UV meter