UVA Spot

UVA Spot from Honle is a versatile UV flood light for curing larger areas of UV curable adhesives, compounds and coatings, as well as providing black light for fluorescent inspection purposes. Unlike LED light sources, which emit monochromatic light, the UVA Spot has a broad light spectrum. Depending on the application, the emitted spectrum of this flood light can be adjusted by using various lamp and filter combinations. For uniform irradiation of larger areas several UVA Spot flood lights are stackable in a modular system.

The Honle UVA Spot is available in three power levels: 400 W, 1000 W and 2000 W. The lamp housing can be cooled by fan or convection with a separate ballast box. Where multiple UV lamps are used to irradiate large areas, the ballast boxes can be integrated into one switch cabinet.

A black light version is available for fluorescent inspection (UVASPOT 400/T-BL).


  • Curing of UV curable adhesives, coatings and encapsulants
  • Bonding of glass, plastics and metal with UV curing adhesives
  • Curing of conformal coatings on printed circuit boards (PCBs)
  • UV potting of connectors and wire tacking
  • Examination for UV resistance of colours, plastics, lacquers and coatings
  • UV irradiation for chemical, biological and pharmaceutical research
  • Fluorescent examination of materials

High intensity UV flood light UVA Spot from Honle


Brochure UVA Spot