UVAHAND LED by Honle is a handy hand-held UV lamp, ideal for curing adhesives in larger areas. It is easy to transport, ergonomically designed and ideal for mobile use. Its high-intensity irradiation ensures reliable curing results within seconds. A homogeneous intensity distribution is maintained by the arrangements of the LEDs.

The UVAHAND LED can be switched on and off as often as necessary. It does not require a warm-up or cooling phase. The typical service life of a LED is longer than 20,000 hours (typical lifetime under specified operating conditions).

Honle’s UVA HAND LED  is available with wavelengths of 365 or 405 nm. This allows an adaption of the hand lamp to the respective application.

UVAHAND LED is especially apt for curing UV reactive adhesives and sealants. Due to its high intensity at 365 nm, UVAHAND LED is an excellent choice for illuminating fluorescing materials for inspection purposes.

Fields of application:

  • curing of UV reactive adhesives when joining glass, plastics and metals
  • curing of UV reactive compounds on electrical and electronic components
  • particle control in clean rooms
  • authenticity testing
  • fluorescent testing for quality control purposes in mechanical enginee ring, aircraft, textile and printing industry

UVAHAND LED does not need any external power supply. The lamp unit can be directly connected to a nearby electrical outlet. High-strength aluminium and polycarbonate lamp housings make UVAHAND LED a very durable product. A strong carry case is available for safe transportation.

Hand held uv curing device UVA Hand LED from Honle


Brochure UVA Hand LED

UV curable adhesives:

UV system solutions with uv curable acrylate and uv epoxy adhesives from Panacol and innovative curing systems from Honle

Technical Data for Honle UVA HAND LED

Power supply: 90-264 V; 47-63 Hz

365 nm: 200 mW/cm2
405 nm: 350 mW/cm2

Dimension of output window:  137 x 75 mm
Weight lamp unit: 1.8 kg
Power input: 70 W

* measured with Honle UV Meter