Replacement UV Bulbs

Panacol-USA carries replacement lamps (bulbs) for Honle UV curing equipment, including:

  • UVA Spot 400/T
  • UVA HAND 250
  • UVA Cube 400
  • UVA Cube 2000 and 2000 ACM
  • Bluepoint 4
  • Bluepoint 4 ecocure
  • Bluepoint 4 UVC
  • UVAPRINT 100-200 HPV

Replacement UV bulbs for other UV curing equipment are also available.

Pre-focused bulb/reflector assemblies that meet or exceed OEM performance specifications are available from Panacol-USA. Utilizing the highest quality components, these bulb assemblies emit maximum energy in the UVA and near visible light regions. The dichroic reflectors minimize IR and heat output. Overall performance is optimal for curing adhesives and coatings that respond to UVA and/or visible light energy.

Replacement UV lamp bulbs for uv curing systems

Replacement bulbs for other uv equipment:

Part Number Suitable for Description
FXR 38465 Bluewave® 200 200 W
FXR 35003 PC-3,3D 50 W
FXR 37123 PC-3 Ultra 50 W
FXR 36064 3010-EC 100 W
FXR 38915 CureSpot 50, Bluewave® 50 50 W
FXR 5120 ADAC CureSpot, Bluewave® 50 AS 50 W
FXR 5069 ADAC CureSpot HO 100 W
FXR 40205 Bluewave® 75 75 W

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