Overview of Industrial Adhesives

Panacol-USA formulates and manufactures industrial adhesives for industrial product assembly. Our primary development is focused on UV curable adhesives including LED curable adhesives and adhesives that cure with Visible Light only. Panacol-USA also provides more traditional heat curing epoxies and two component adhesives that harden after they are mixed. For electronic applications Panacol-USA offers innovative electrically or thermally conductive adhesives. Our adhesives are formulated to meet the assembly demands of various industries, including medical, electronics and consumer electronics, automotive, appliance, packaging, and glass.

Our overview of our industrial adhesives provides information about the available product groups:

Acrylic UV Adhesive

UV curing acrylic adhesives are used for high volume production lines in many industrial applications.

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Epoxy-based Adhesive

Epoxy adhesives from Panacol-USA are thermal or light curing and offer high adhesion and superior chemical resistance.

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Electrically Conductive Adhesive

Electrically conductive adhesives from Panacol-USA are the perfect solution to replace soldering applications on PCBs and Flex PCBs.

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Heat Conductive Adhesive

Thermal adhesives from Panacol-USA are specially formulated for dissipating heat from electronic components and for bonding heat sinks.

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Structural Adhesive

Panacol-USA offers a large variety of high-performance structural adhesives for use in both trade and industrial applications.

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Methacrylic Adhesive

Methacrylate adhesives from Panacol-USA perfect for bonding metal, glass, ceramics, wood and many plastics.

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