Adhesive Applications

Our broad selection of industrial adhesives serve many industries, ranging from automotive, aerospace, electronics and consumer electronics, to medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Applications for industrial adhesives include coatings, sealants, masks, gaskets and encapsulants. Individual formulations to meet customer-specific requirements are available. If you don’t see your application on these pages please contact a technical representative.

Our main fields of applications are:

Electronics and PCB Assembly

Innovative adhesive solutions for PCB and FPCB assembly and electronics applications.

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Display Bonding

Panacol-USA’s liquid optically clear adhesives (LOCA) for display bonding are solvent-free, single component adhesives.

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Medical Device Adhesives

Panacol-USA formulates medical device adhesives that meet USP Class VI and ISO 10993 biocompatibility requirements.

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Temporary Mask Material

Temporary mask material or spray masks from Panacol-USA can be easily applied for temporary coatings or protections.

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Liquid Gaskets & FIPGs

Liquid gaskets and sealants from Panacol-USA easy to dispense and cure with uv light witin seconds.

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Adhesives for Laminating Processes

Panacol-USA’s adhesives for laminating processes are ideally suited for laminating blister packs, foils or films.

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Plastic Bonding

Solvent-free Vitralit® adhesives from Panacol-USA are the perfect solution to bond plastics and dissimilar materials.

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Glass Bonding

Panacol-USA’s specially formulated glass glue and glass adhesives cure under uv light within seconds.

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Structural Assembly

Panacol-USA offers one- and two-component structural adhesives for bonding opaque substrates.

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