LED Spot 100 IC/HP IC

Honle’s LED Spot 100 IC/HP IC is a highly intensive UV flood light emitting UV irradiance over a large area, ideal for reliable curing of larger areas of uv adhesives and potting compounds. There are two model versions available: LED Spot 100 HP IC is the more powerful model with up to 2.200 mW/cm² at 405 nm wavelength. For manufacturing processes where lower intensities are needed the LED Spot 100 IC offers up to 1.100 mW/cm² at 405 nm.

The square light emitting aperture of the LED Spot 100 IC/HP IC has a size of 100 mm x 100 mm. By changing the distance to the substrate the irradiated surface can be increased considerably, depending on the selected intensity and homogeneity. For even larger irradiation fields, several LED Spots 100 flood lamps can be connected without gaps. An integrated fan provides adequate cooling for continuous operation.

The geometric alignment of each LED die, in conjunction with the integrated electronic power control, assures high intensity and homogenous distribution of light. A comprehensive monitoring function and the recognition of LED-malfunction provide excellent process stability. Especially in fully automated production lines repeatable results can be realised in shortest cycle times.

Both LED Spot 100 IC and HP IC can be controlled by a LED powerdrive tabletop controller. 

They are appropriate for various applications:

  • Bonding, fixing or encapsulating of components in the electronic, optical or medical sector
  • Fluorescence stimulation for materials testing and picture processing
  • High-intensity UV irradiation in the chemical, biological and pharmaceutical sector

High intensity UV flood light LED Spot 100 from Honle