UV Curing Systems

Panacol-USA offers a comprehensive line of UV curing systems that can significantly optimize the curing or hardening of photo-reactive UV adhesives and coatings. These uv and light curing systems are designed and manufactured by Dr. Honle AG, headquartered in Munich Germany. Honle is a recognized leader in the global development of UV technology for industrial applications. Honle curing systems are used worldwide in the manufacture of electronics, microelectronics, optics and medical devices, and in the automotive and aerospace industry. Panacol-USA is a member of the worldwide Honle Group of companies.

Below are links to Honle UV curing systems and accessories. Please contact Panacol-USA for more information about the curing equipment, including pricing and availability. Application Engineering at Panacol-USA provides assistance with matching adhesive and coating recommendations, and will assist to optimize your UV curing process for maximum productivity and efficiency.

UV-LED Curing Systems

UV-LED lamps from Honle ensure fast and reliable curing of adhesives and coatings.

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UV Gas Discharge Lamps

UV lamps from Honle offer broad sprectra of light to ensure fast and reliable curing of uv adhesives and coatings.

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