ConVey LED Conveyor

Combine world-class UV/LED curing systems from Honle with a versatile conveyor and you create the ultimate process control for curing photo-reactive materials.  The ConVey LED is a table-top conveyor that is capable of pairing with a variety of Honle’s UV/LED curing systems.  This flexibility allows manufacturers to design a curing process that is optimal for their products and UV curable materials.  

The compact size of the conveyor is well suited for cleanrooms, laboratories, and other locations where space is at a premium.  The Covey LED has a simple-to-use digital display control panel that utilizes a potentiometer for adjusting belt speed and the input power of the attached curing equipment.  Conventional UV lamps may be used, but the ConVey LED is best suited for Honle’s LED units, including the LED SPOT 100 IC/HP IC, LED Spot 40 IC, and the LED Powerline AC/IC 820 HP.  These integrated control (IC) systems integrate directly with the conveyor’s internal power supply and do not require separate controllers.

Design Features and Specifications

  • Integrated safety shut-off for belt and curing lamps
  • Temperature/UV resistant belt 
  • Belt suction to secure components 
  • Full shielding and adjustable tunnel height
  • Belt width options:  from 110 to 520 mm
  • Belt speed:  0.1 meter – 20.0 meters/minute  
  • Overall conveyor dimensions:
         Minimum configuration: 252 mm wide x 750 mm long
         Maximum configuration: 645 mm wide x 1487 mm long
  • Curing wavelength options:
         •  Broad spectrum UV: 320-460 nm
         •  LED:  365, 385, 395, 405, 460 nm

The ConVey LED is a table-top conveyor for UV curing systems


Brochure ConVey LED 

UV curable adhesives:

UV system solutions with uv curable acrylate and uv epoxy adhesives from Panacol and innovative curing systems from Honle

LED Curing Options for the ConVey LED conveyor

LED Spot 40 IC

Compact UV-LED flood unit for small areas

more information

LED Spot 100

UV-LED flood unit for larger areas

more information

LED Powerline AC/IC HP

Air-cooled UV-LED array with high intensity for large area curing

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LED Powerline LC

Water-cooled UV-LED curing system for highest intensity

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