UV Large Area Curing Systems

Honle offers several UV equipment options for large area curing of uv adhesives and coatings, accommodating R&D development, batch processing, and automated UV curing processes. Honle’s portfolio of large area curing systems includes both LED array and broad spectrum UV lamps. These large area uv curing systems are well suited for hardening of UV curable adhesives, masks, coatings, and sealants. To create large curing areas, these curing systems are stackable without intensity gaps.

LED Powerline AC/IC HP

Air-cooled UV-LED array with high intensity for large area curing

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LED Powerline LC

Water-cooled UV-LED curing system for highest intensity

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UVA Print 100-200 HPV

UVA large area curing system with full spectrum

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LED Line 500

Economical high intensity UV-LED curing system

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