LED Powerline LC & LED powerdrive

Originally created for high-speed inkjet printing, the LED Powerline from Honle has demonstrated great success and efficiency when curing UV and visible light curing adhesives, coatings, and sealants. The LED array is available with the following outputs: 365, 385, 395, or 405nm wavelength. Water cooling permits the LED Powerline to generate very high intensities, up to 30,000 mW/cm2 at 405nm. Its small dimensions and its light weight simplify integration into automated processes. This unit can be programmed and controlled from external inputs. A compatible water chiller is required for this LED curing system. Selective assistance is available from Panacol-USA applications engineering.

Each Powerline LED array is divided into segments of four, which can be controlled independently from each other. Each segment is electrically driven by a compact and efficient integrated module for top hat rail mounting. From its standard size of 76 x 10 mm, the irradiated area can be extended in 40mm increments to any length required.

Additional features:

  • Driving and monitoring of a LED segment up to a maximum electric power of 400 W
  • Monitoring of LED segments for short-circuit, interruption and excess temperature
  • Temperature compensation of LED power for homogeneous irradiation results
  • Registration of operating hours of LED segments
  • Analogue dimming of the segments via a 0-10 V-signal
  • Digital PLC-interface (emergency-stop, LED-on, LED failure, temperature warning)
  • All modules BUS-controlled via RS485

Water-cooled UV large area curing system LED Powerline LC with tabletop LED Powerdrive control unit from Honle