LED Cube 285 IC

The LED CUBE 285 IC is a larger version of the Honle LED Cube 100 IC UV curing irradiation chamber.  It has a usable irradiation area of 300 x 281 x 285mm (HxWxD).  This makes it well suited for use with large components, or for multiples of small components.  Four LED Spot 100 IC (or HP IC) heads are mounted on top of the curing chamber.  The design of these heads permits them to be banded together to create one homogenous field of irradiation.  The inner surfaces of the chamber are lined with a reflective liner that is specifically designed to produce uniform light distribution for maximum efficiency and process reliability. 

The LEDs provide extremely long service life, typically 20,000 hours or longer.  With no cooling phase, the LEDs can cycle on and off instantly.  The emitted wavelengths are available in 365/385/395/405/460 nm (+/- 10 nm).  This variety allows adaptability to nearly every application including the curing of UV curable adhesives, coatings, and masking materials, and gaskets.  The LED Cube 285 IC can also be used for artificial aging as well as other laboratory studies involving photosensitive materials.

LED Cube 285 IC is controlled and powered by two LED Powerdrive IC 1200 controllers.  They offer synchronized programmability of cycle times and exposure.  Input power may be set in a range of 10-100%, providing the ability to reduce unneeded energy consumption.  The LED Powerdrive IC controllers supply users with informational feedback and will issue warnings of potential malfunctions.  

For maximum safety, the door to the LED CUBE chamber is fully integrated with the power supply to the LED Spot 100 heads to ensure that it cannot be opened when the LED heads are activated.


Brochure LED Cube 285 IC

UV curable adhesives:

UV system solutions with uv curable acrylate and uv epoxy adhesives from Panacol and innovative curing systems from Honle

Technical Data for LED Cube 100 IC

LED service life: > 20.000 hours*
Adjustment range of timer (in sec.): 0.01 - 99.99   or   0.1 - 999.9   or   1 - 9999 or continuous operation

Wavelengths in nm:

Typical intensity in mW/cm²:

  • LED Spot 100 HP IC
  • LED Spot 100 IC

   365          385             395             405             460


1.200**     2.200**    2.200**     2.200**      3.000***

600**       1.100**      1.100**     1.100**      1.500***

Power supply LED powerdrive 115 – 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Max. input current 5.0 A

*     typical lifetime under specified operating conditions
**   measured with Hönle UV meter and LED surface sensor, distance 0 mm
*** measured with Hönle UV meter and VIS surface sensor, distance 0 mm